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IBC Policies

Virginia Tech Institutional Biosafety Committee Policies

  1. VT IBC Governance Document (Charter)
  2. VT Research Policy 13030- Regarding the IBC
  3. Virginia Tech IBC Member Policies
    1. Policy on appointment of members to the IBC
    2. Policy addressing Conflict of Interest for IBC Members
  4. Virginia Tech Policies Involving Protocols and Non-compliance
    1. VT IBC Policy for Protocol Submissions
    2. VT IBC Policy on Transgenic Rodents
    3. VT IBC Research non-compliance policy
  5. Virginia Tech IBC Meetings
    1. VT IBC Minutes Accessibility Policy
    2. VT IBC IBC Meeting Process
  6. Virginia Tech IBC Reporting Policy
  7. VT Institutional Review Entity (IRE) Governance Document (Charter)
  8. Virginia Tech Dual Use Research of Concern Policy